Benkos Biohó

Benkos Biohó is an Afrocolombian hero who fought for freedom from slavery in early colonial days in Cartagena and northern Colombia. Here represented in all his might, with his wooden foot, reminiscent of the sheltering forests and dense mangroves where afrocolombian people built their palenques or free towns.


Benkos Biohó


The Guardians


The Guardians

Dimensions: H  40″  BASE:  W 35″ x D 12″
Year: 2013
Materials: Recycled wood, Iron.
Series: 2 of 3


Original Painted Wood Sculptures

“These figures emerge as characters in my dreams, through my connection to the spirit world.”

-Alejo Santa Maria


“My work is very interactive. I encourage you to move my sculptures, place them in a variety of positions, change the relationship among different pieces and create your own composition.”


Yellow Man

The Days of Night

Turtle Man