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‘ In my process as a painter I began to appreciate the invisible, or rather undetectable symbols in the petroglyphs. I fell in love with their calligraphy. Out of fragments of rock and glyphs, over time, my pictorial attempt to capture new calligraphies and new forms in mineral earth colors renews me and brings me closer to nature’.


– Alejo Santa Maria

Carnaval Series 2014-2015

Carnaval Matutino


Eternos caminantes

The Lord of the Orange Sea

Son cinco

Carnaval 1864


La noche de las siete lunas

Vanishing Dreams

Universo sin sol

Dos mujeres


Cracked Stones With Cloud

Difícil desplazarse

La mirada invisible

Los sueños van a la fiesta

Hombres mirando al sur

Note: All of Alejo’s Original abstract paintings continue over the edge of the canvas, so they may be exhibited with or without framing.

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