About The Artist

‘Beautifully colored minerals or “earths” are common in the Andean mountains where I live. When I spot a particularly beautiful mineral, I gather it in a little bag and in the Studio mix the ’natural earths’ with an acrylic base to it use it as paint for my pieces’.


Alejo Santa María

 A self-made painter, Alejo’s career began during childhood in Colombia, following a family legacy of artists and professional painters. Both his father and his uncle were painters, and more importantly, Andres de Santa Maria (early 20th Century Colombian painter, a relative), was an impressionist recognized as the precursor of modern art in Colombia.


An innovative artist, Alejo’s work combines the figurative with the abstract, incorporating elements from natural and cultural traditions reminiscent of the rich pre-Columbian heritage of South America, its landscapes, colors and peoples. These expressions, textures and materials came together through a variety of media: starting with portraiture, he went on use sculpture, painting, graphic design, illustration, photography and cinematography.


Alejo has participated in over 48 exhibitions in Colombia, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Uruguay, and United States. Alejo lives in Colombia, where he has built his studio and workshop surrounded by an avocado plantation on his farm. He daily transforms this landscape into a garden of sculptures in the green Andean mountains of the Antioquia region of Colombia.